About Us

FGDforum started as a group of concern individuals who look at a fundamental problem and tries to come out with a solution. The problem we found out earlier is that there is little connection between graphic artists with the industry solution that serves them, especially here in Indonesia. We started by creating activities that can connect both parties to talk and collaborate through a series of meets, talk event and eventually a trade show. Thus FGDexpo is born in 2003. this is our first major action trade show that target graphic industry connectivity between its players.

Throughout our action in all these years, we also help to act as a connectivity hub between the industry player to strengthen and move to digital arena. we also have a hand in creating Ideafest series of conferences with the help of young creative individuals that address some key industry concerns and help us to reach out to younger generation.

We hope that this initiative will continue to grow and further help us to embrace the future.