Innovative Connectivity Hub in Graphic Industries

For 14 years, FGDexpo has been the prominent launch pad for innovative technologies in graphic arts and creative industry in Indonesia. Held in Jakarta, these biannual events showcase the latest in creativity, design, and printing innovation and technology. in a nut shell, FGDexpo is a creative, printing, packaging, publishing, and promotion expo that is being held bi-annually since 2003.

FGD Expo connects the industry players, experts, educators, students and consumers, and making it a connection hub to address the industry’s most relevant issues and capturing sustainable business opportunities.

Balancing Act

From its conception in 2003, FGDexpo starts as a printing exhibition and collaborative hub. FGDexpo has always been about the balance between technology, creativity, and design. By showcasing relevant innovative technologies, FGDexpo has become the trendsetter in the graphic arts and creative industry in Indonesia, providing venues for graphic arts professionals to showcase their ingenuity and solution providers to showcase their real-world relevant solutions. Exhibitors and Attendance can also meet and share information through our many mini-conference and show presentation sessions held during the exhibition.

Since 2013, FGDexpo introduce its first break-out seminar session called Ideafest, an idea collaboration event for the creative industry showing off the latest and brightest of young Indonesia entrepreneurs and subject matter expert on. later-on, Ideafest is being spin-off to ensure continued growth.

Images from past FGDexpo events and it's related activity programs.

FGDexpo 2017

2017 FGDexpo main theme is Connectivity as shown in the illustration below:

This concept is what we're bringing today as the event unravel in 24-27 August 2017.

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See you there.